JoJo Jensen

American Voice Talent

There’s simply no substitute for talent, dedication to craft and experience and JoJo has oodles. A professional voice talent for more than twenty years, JoJo brings skills, adaptability, and a sense of fun along with the perfect the tone and style that add just the right about of sizzle to your project.

A specialist in narration, JoJo’s conversational, friendly style makes eLearning, Medical Videos and tech heavy projects come alive for the listener. No Charlie Brown Teacher here.

Just ‘cause she loves narrating documentaries, explainer and industrial videos doesn’t mean that JoJo can’t whip out a character or two. From ditzy secretary to vocal fry millennial, finely tuned accents to grumbly old men, she can bring characters from the page to talking back in no time.

So, if you’re looking for a voice talent who is easy to work with, has years of experience, works from a high-quality studio with all the bells and whistles and are ready to get to work…

Contact JoJo today for a quote, audition or just the shoot the breeze about your next project.

Professional Recording Studio

Floating sound proof walls, sound absorbers for days, an AudioTecnica 4033 microphone along with other top-quality tech and you have JoJo’s professional recording studio! AKA – the Fortress of Solitude!  She also has SOURCE CONNECT (the PAID version) so recording remotely is easy as pie.  The finished audio is always clear and clean and ready to use.

Vocal Range

Are you looking for friendly and conversational for your narration or more spunky and full of sass and attitude? Maybe your program needs more instructional and professional, but you want to keep your audience engaged in the material, so not dry or boring. JoJo has got you covered. From warm and confident to melodic and smooth, JoJo’s voice lends itself to so many kinds of projects. All you have to do is tell her what sound you’re going for and the audience that you’re talking too and she’ll collaborate with you to create the perfect vocal landscape. JoJo loves working with directors and producers who know exactly what they want and those who are more fluid and will “know it when they hear it.”

If you’re producing Commercials, Online Advertising, TV promos and Radio Station IDs, Explainer Videos and Science programming and are looking for that perfect voice, JoJo just might be the perfect fit.

Details Matter

Communication is key to giving a client what they want and need for a project.  Talking to get all the details of the projects lined up before she ever hits record, JoJo knows what questions to ask.  Who is the audience? What vibe are you going for? How do you want me to say numbers, route and via?  What’s the timing?  What file format do you want? What’s the deadline? And a hundred other questions that a pro voice talent knows to ask.

Happy Clients

…are RETURNING clients!  From Quoble  to the American Association of Physician Assistances, once clients work with JoJo they keep coming back! Why?  Because JoJo is easy to work with, knows her s%*t and has the experience to prove it.   JoJo has recorded spots for Hemker zoo and Butterfly Wonderland along with JP Morgan Chase, the Department of Defense, Connecticut Children’s Hospital, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).  From fun, lighthearted commercial scripts to tech heavy medical and first responder training videos, JoJo’s clients are happy clients.

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